Here are some words and stories from some very nice people who listen to my recordings and would like to let you know what they think about me.






Francesca Montgomery

Three years ago, after a long term relationship dissolved, I found myself unable to sleep at night. I wasn't used to sleeping alone, was hurting emotionally, and crawling into bed next to my then-four-year-old didn't seem like a viable option long term. A google search one night led me to Jody's videos, and I found one specifically labelled 'for broken hearted people who can't sleep'. That sounded like me, so I pulled it up, and I fell asleep. As the nights went on, I kept playing the video, and noticed it was easier for me to fall asleep at night, and to stay asleep. With Jody's voice filling my room at night, I didn't feel so alone. Since then, I have listened to almost every video Jody has released, some more times than I can count. I had tried listening to your standard ocean or rainforest sounds before bed, but my mind would still wander, and it did nothing to prepare me for sleep. In her hypnosis videos, Jody teaches you techniques to slow down and prepare yourself for sleep. This works infinitely better for me. Focusing on Jody's voice, and using the advice in her videos, puts me to sleep no matter what I have going on. She has a video for everything that may keep me from sleeping, be it sadness, anxiety, or just your run of the mill insomnia. Her hypnosis has put me to sleep when I'm awake due to with a fight with a loved one, or cramps from PMS, and everything in between. In addition, letting Jody put me to sleep at night means I don't have to really try to fall asleep; this can often be counterproductive, because then you can't sleep, because you're stressed out that you can't sleep! No matter how impossible sleep feels when you can't settle down, I know that shortly after pulling up a video of Jody's, I'll fall asleep. I have recommended to her many friends and family, as sleep troubles are so commonplace in our daily lives. We spend a huge chunk of our lives sleeping, and if you're finding your relationship with sleep isn't as good as you would like it to be, I highly suggest you try Jody's videos.

Garrett Richardson

I was introduced to Hypnosis about 2 and a half years ago. My insomnia had gotten pretty bad and one night I wondered if there was such a thing as hypnosis for sleep. There was! I clicked on the first video there was, which happened to be Jody Whiteley! It worked amazingly. I then started using Jody's videos more often. Then this last year my insomnia got really bad, so I started listening to Jody every night! Since then I have gotten a lot better sleep! I hardly need sleep hypnosis anymore, but I turn it on anyway because Jody has a way of lulling you into a deep and restful sleep.

Jennifer Steele

I was 41 and I was battling breast cancer. As if cancer was not enough, the stress of treatments and dealing with life was getting the best of me... My oncologist suggested that I try mediation. I started with hypnosis for pain relief, and it worked so well for me... I have since branched out and really enjoy the lucid dreaming and bedtime story videos... My personal favorite is "sleeping under red 11" You have become a fixture in my life although we have never met in person. I know your voice like I know that of my sister's or mother's. You have given me so much comfort I could not begin to express how much you have helped me, with no expectation of anything in return. You are such a great inspiration for me





SusanandWayne Fager

We cherish our times when our heads are filled with Jody's meditation and sleep hypnosis moments. She has taught how and why this method of peace is so valuable. Our lives are full and we are grateful for the message and love Jody promotes.

Sonne Lowe

I want to thank you for helping improve the quality of my life. I was suffering from insomnia and was given ambien but I hated taking it so I found you on youtube while loookng for an alternative answer. Not only did your recordings lull me to sleep quickly, but I've also noticed other changes in my life. I've become more friendly and focused, causing me to be promoted at work, and I have learned to accept my body as it is and love myself, which has actually helped to eat better and be more active. I have tried to lose weight for so long because I hated how I looked but it never worked until now. So once again thank you for being there for me.

Meg Paquet

I was introduced to the YouTube channel of Jody Whiteley about a year ago. A friend suggested that my sleep might be improved by listening to guided meditation at bedtime. I decided to give it a try that very night. Wow! I immediately saw results. Jody's calming voice and positive messages helped to greatly improve the quality of my sleep. When I wake up, I feel refreshed, energized and ready to take on the day. I have also noticed a change for the better in my level of positivity. As I go through the day, I often stop for a couple of minutes to do some calming breathing exercises, and I go right into that state of calm and relaxation just imagining Jody's reassuring voice. Thank you, Jody for your hard work and your positive spirit. You have helped me to improve my life every day!

Jessie Lee Fogarty

"For as long as I can remember, sleep has been elusive to me. I am a great thinker, an excellent worrier and ideas and concerns and wanting to change the world have long kept me awake and have at times lead to unhealthy use of pharmaceuticals to chase the sweet relief of slumber. Since finding Jody's videos, I have learned a new way to meditate, to reflect but then relax, and to invite positivity and peace into my life. I consider Jody a kindred spirit and am so grateful she shares her gift and spirit to help the world be a calmer and more mindful place."

Divine Lilly

Well was I ever happy to find this lady on youtube. Had a spiritual awakening some years ago and was experiencing some sleep issues related to it as well as for the first time experiencing more fully dream world (the collective unconscious, lucid dreaming). This lady not only has a very soothing voice but she's a one size fits all if you're looking for a mental health, meditative, lucid dream kind of thing. I personally use the lucid dreams ones the most which not only helped me turn my nightmares good but helped me stay longer in the world of lucid dreaming which I have to say is the the most awesome thing I have ever experienced (and I'm not even awake for most of it) Would definitely recommend

Lucy Norman

About five years ago I was going through a bad patch, a very bad patch. A lot of things in my life had simultaneously gone very wrong, and for a while there it did not look like my life was set to last very much longer. I decided that I either needed to get busy living or get busy dying, but doing the one while wishing for the other had become untenable.

So, I decided to commit to turning an existence into a life, and the first thing I needed was healthy sleep. Sleep that was not dependent on two bottles of wine every night. That was when I found Jody Whiteley's YouTube channel. Of all of the things that I did to try and get things on track, I think listening to Jody's YouTube videos was the best of them.

I read Jody's biography and was amazed to read that she does not hold a doctorate in psychotherapy or hypnotherapy. I had paid hudreds of dollars to psychologists and psychiatrists and listened to highly qualified professionals' recordings. None of them offered me the ease of sleep that Jody did, or the improved quality of life. Not only does Jody help me to get to sleep every single night, but her messages of peace and stillness help to soothe my depression, anxiety, and rage while I am awake.

I haver referred many of my friends to Jody's channel, and will continue to recommend her work to anyone that will listen. Her videos utilise language and imagery in a masterful way that I consider to be without parallel in the worlds of hypnotherapy and psychology. Without doubt, Jody Whitely is the highest achiever in her field, and delivers better quality work than any other healthcare professional. I will be eternally grateful to Jody for everything that she has done, I would not have made it without her.

Carol Grant

I've had insomnia all my life.. was afraid to go to bed with dread and fear of no sleep. An illness earlier this year caused me to search harder for a solution, and I discovered guided meditation helped me relax and sleep some. Then I found Jody's hypnosis and meditations. They worked better than any number of attempts by many doctors and other guided meditation/hypnosis apps and videos I could find.. I wasn't prepared to be guided to know my worth and overcome anxiety, depression, low self esteem and know I was loved while I slept. Years of exhaustion were behind me. And thru listening nightly, I emerged from isolation at home and got out with friends. 2 mos after that I'm beginning a new career and enjoying my life. Jody's gentle spirit and voice, knowledge and wisdom in creating her videos not only gave me relaxation but a new happy life. I'll forever be grateful!

Cathy Brichoux

Jody, you’ve gotten me through some really rough times. Whether it was nervous jitters before a college final or some legal situation about a family member or just a night where I had trouble sleeping, you’ve made my life bearable. You’ve made such a difference that I don’t think I’d be where I am today without you and your videos. They work!!! I have depression and anxiety. I’ve tried everything there is to do to help myself function despite my depression symptoms and your videos have helped me more than any medication ever did. I am medication free and with your videos and my efforts to create a lifestyle that corrects the imbalances that I experience at times, I have the tools I need to be fully functional. Thank you for being there as a friend too! You’re absolutely the best and I certainly hope that more people discover your wonderful videos, so they can be helped by you too. My favorite videos are the anxiety with cat photo and one particular depression video for sleeping. I use your 11 minute meltdown video for those moments during the day that are unexpected, where I need comfort quickly. You’re always there when I need you, thank you!