My name is Jody and welcome to my website. Please make yourself as comfortable as you can be wherever you are right now, because this is what we are here for. We are here to be comfortable, relax, and feel good while you fall asleep. I'm glad you are here. You have been curious enough to click the about button so I will do my best to satisfy by telling you a little bit about myself and what I do.



A calm loving spirit
is something I try to infuse into all of my writings and recordings because I believe this simple little thing can help people feel better. When people feel better they often do better, and when people do better, better things are likely to happen to them. I very much like the idea of people being caught up in an upward spiral. Perhaps this is a little too simple, but this is bedtime and at bedtime it is usually best not to be too complicated.
The other person in this picture is my daughter Alora. You may see her face or even hear her voice from time to time because she enjoys what I do and likes to be helpful.

Who am I?
In real life? I think if you met me in person you might find me amazingly ordinary, maybe even a little boring. I just happen to have an unusual job. Sometimes I wonder if my only distinction is being able to spend so many hours doing tedious computery type things and think it is fun.
Some other things that could be used to define me are I am happy, productive, successful in my own little way, and I am at peace. These are all things that eluded me during the first half of my life. I like to share some of what got me there in my audios, videos, and things I like to write about, just in case there is something there that can be useful to you.



Who am I?
On the internet? I am the world's quietest rock star, YouTube's diva of sleep. I am the proud creator of a YouTube channel called "Jody Whiteley". This channel just passed, at the time I am writing this, 25,000,000 views and 100,000 subscribers. This is, in my humble opinion, not bad for a previously disabled, middle aged, housewife who was looking for a way to make herself useful. It would be nice if this website did near as well.
If you would like to know more about myself and what I am doing here, you can click one or both of these buttons below for answers to frequently asked questions or some testimonials from some very nice people who are kind enough to put in a good word for me. This website is a work in progress. I will be adding a wide variety of other things that could be interesting, so please drop by often to see whatever it is I am up to that is new. In the meantime rest well, dear friend, and have a comfortable sleep. 

It's okay to put aside a little bit of time, just for you, and give yourself your undivided attention.